Pink Gingham Buttons, 15mm x 6, Handmade Fabric Covered Buttons


Pink Gingham Fabric Covered Buttons
Each button is 15mm wide
Set of 6 buttons

Pink Gingham Fabric Buttons

Baby pink

15mm handmade fabric buttons

Perfect for Easter and Spring handmade gifts!

Set of 6

Woven Pink and white gingham Cotton

Metal Buttons with plastic backs

Washable and durable, expertly made

Free UK Royal Mail postage

Expertly Handmade in the UK with old-time care and attention, I’m a professional dressmaker with 20yrs of sewing skills

Neat, Strong, durable, and functional buttons. The buttons are hand stitched, glued from inside and securely pressed, they are of superb quality.

Single hole shank buttons, Fully functional for clothing, knitting and crafts etc

Made from top quality fabric

Also available in baby Blue, see my other listings

All fabrics are limited and once used up that’s it, I can’t always get them again, so snap up your buttons now!

I freshly make each set by hand, and post all orders within 48 hrs Mon to Sat

Check out my other products, I make buttons in lots of sizes and designs.

The buttons require secure attachment with your fine sewing skills in order to make them safe for small children, as is the case with any button. Always use with due care.

I get great feedback from my button sales and I love to hear your stories of what you’re making, please feel free to have a little chat with me and show me what you’re up to!

Thank you so much and Happy Crafting!


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